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Knowing Your Target Audience as a Children’s Book Author

By: Nathaniel McCabe There are many variables that come into play when writing a children’s book. The term “children’s book” is not universal to all children. There are different age groups under the large umbrella of children’s literature. For instance, a ten year old is not going to get entertainment the same way that aContinue reading “Knowing Your Target Audience as a Children’s Book Author”

Is Writing Children’s Literature Easier Than Writing Adult Literature?

By: Nathaniel McCabe It appears to be believed that children’s literature is easier to write in comparison to adult literature. This belief seems to be linked back to a few different reasons…  Children’s books are shorter Children are believed to be an easier audience Children’s books are fun and childish These beliefs that commonly appearContinue reading “Is Writing Children’s Literature Easier Than Writing Adult Literature?”

The Importance of Children’s Literature

By: Nathaniel McCabe Children have always loved the idea of stories being read to them, but children’s literature does much more than just put children to sleep. Great children’s stories are stories that stick with children as they grow into adulthood. The lessons that children learn through stories has been proven to shape who theyContinue reading “The Importance of Children’s Literature”